“Temple creates an in depth practice that is delivered with her soothing voice and offers an experience like none other.
She weaves her words poetically while sharing yoga knowledge both physical and philosophically balanced for a GREATER yoga practice.
I have attended her regular classes and specialty programs. Each time walked away feeling transported and in touch with the most loving parts of MYSELF. A practice with Temple is like going on vacation in the middle of the work week & we all NEED that goodness!”~ Dawn G., Yoga Born

Perhaps one of the most beautifully choreographed classes I have ever taken… each class with Temple was a harmonious, flowing melody that invited me to new places in my body and my mind. I explored my hip openers and twists unlike any other class. I appreciate Temple’s knowledge and wonderful expressions of wit and humor wrapped up in safe and effective instruction. I learned so much, especially from the gentle classes that helped me in the more challenging moments of vinyasa. I would highly recommend Temple to all levels and encourage beginners to start here.” ~Deborah H.

“I love Temple’s yoga classes.  From the minute I walked through the door I knew the class would be different.  The way Temple conducts herself and her classes are special because of her inner spirit and the ease and gentleness of her voice. When I feel that a pose is challenging that day or if I am feeling tired or just not “present”, those thoughts gently fade away because she makes me feel that anything is possible and will guide me into the pose or the meditation with her positive thinking and articulate way of making me understand the pose. Sometimes she will share a thought or a prayer that makes me believe in myself and feel that everyone in the class is together for the same reason: to connect, to feel good, mind, body and spirit.  You walk away from her class wanting more yoga and wanting Temple to take you through the next challenge.  Temple has a great way of making the vibe of the class enjoyable, from the music she plays to the flow of her movements.  The gentle spirit within her as well as her vast knowledge is what makes anything possible.” ~Claudine J.

“Temple was one of my first yoga teachers. I looked forward to attending every  class! Thanks to her I’m still practicing and loving yoga five years later. I recently read an article written by Temple. She said, “I will tell you something that I know to be true. You are precious, and you deserve whatever it is that will make you feel full so that you can go into the world and do your good work.”  Very powerful words from a very talented and caring teacher.  After practicing with Temple you too will feel precious—I know that I do!  Thank you Temple.” ~Frank M.

“Temple is a wonderful yoga teacher and I would favor her classes over all others. Having practiced yoga, on and off, for over 30 years I have had many really good teachers. What I love about Temple’s classes is that they are challenging enough for all levels, full of variety and sprinkled with her wonderful unique and quirky sense of humor. Where Temple excels though, is in the quality of heart that she brings to all of her classes.There is an unmistakable something special about her dedication, passion and enthusiasm that infuse her words and actions and I find it very inspiring and uplifting.” ~Anne S. Circle of Life Holistic Health


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