Warrior 2

Warrior II, Amsterdam.

Temple offers  private sessions, group classes and workshops.
Below is a brief synopsis of services:

Private Sessions

This is your own yoga class, tailored to your needs. Private sessions are most beneficial to those who are:

  • New to the practice of yoga
  • Would like to deepen the practice with work on specific poses
  • Working with an injury or physical limitation
  • Seek more support than a group class provides

Prices begin at $65 for 60 minutes. These sessions can be done in a studio or at your home.

Group Classes

Gentle Vinyasa/Unheated Vinyasa
(Vinyasa = Flow)

Built around the ancient practice of Sun Salutations, vinyasa classes can be anywhere from gentle to dynamic. In a  typical vinyasa class, we will flow to inspiration with many variations of sun salutations including more continuous flow with the option of advanced poses. As always, modifications will be offered and I’ll encourage you to listen to your own body and take care as it feels appropriate.

Hatha Yoga
(Ha = Sun, Tha = Moon)

Hatha yoga, taken from the words referencing sun and moon, is closely related to vinyasa in two ways: The practice focuses on the asanas (poses) and pranayama (breath work). There may be longer holdings of specific poses to get into those places in the body that don’t get accessed nearly enough in our daily lives.

Vigorous (Taken from Samadhi Yoga Studio Website)
Enter a deeper layer of practice and awareness in this class that expands upon the moderate practice. Poses that initially seemed simple reveal themselves as complex. In this class we might flow through the possibilities of many postures or feel the need to slow down and explore long focused holdings, feeling the body from the inside out.
This is a strong yoga class and sometimes heated. We will always cultivate core strength and sometimes explore inversions and arm balances.This class is open to all levels but newer students must be open to the heated classroom and going at their own pace.


Women and Body Image

As women, we understand what it is like to feel negatively about our own body images. We will begin the healing process through yoga, journaling and an optional opportunity to share your own experiences through this soul-inspring workshop. Know that all things expressed in this group of women will be treated with respect and as absolutely sacred.

Foundations of Vinyasa
This is an all levels workshop where focus is on the history and alignment of Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations). Deepen and refine your practice in this open forum. All questions will be answered.

Partner Yoga

In these all levels workshops, we will explore the practice of partner yoga through assisted stretching as well as seated, standing and balancing poses. This is not for couples only, but anyone who wishes to deepen their practice, their connection to each other, and all other beings. What we learn in this time will be brought off the mat and into the world.

Please note: Although this is not only for life partners, it is required that you and the person that you have chosen as your yoga partner sign up together.


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