About Temple

Reverse Warrior

Reverse Warrior, Amsterdam

Temple Symonds, RYT 500
I am a 5oo hour certified and registered yoga teacher in the Hartford, CT, USA area. The practice of yoga has perhaps been the difference between being lost and finding myself, whole and complete, wounded and gorgeous, healing and exactly where I need to be.

I am a seeker of my personal truth, that part of me that holds no judgment of myself or others, that acknowledges and accepts that we are *all* divine and part of the greater whole.

I have found through my inquiries that I am love, and that you are as well. I have realized that if we let go, my loves, of the stories that we have worked so hard to weave and strengthen then we have the ability to step into absolute freedom.
What is true stays true. This is the simplest way to say that love is all that there is when we peel back the layers and have a good look at the pink skin underneath.
May we all peel it back and have a long look at truth. May we accept this truth and end the battle.
om shanti.

Michelle Ingkavet Photography, http://www.miphotostudio.com


200 Hour Yoga Alliance teacher training program, Samadhi Yoga Studio, Manchester, CT. Graduation October 2005.

500 Hour Yoga Alliance teacher training program, Sacred Rivers Yoga Studio, Glastonbury, CT. Graduation June 2008


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